Packing your bags in a practical and sustainable way, or what to take for a summer getaway to the Adriatic Sea

Let me tell you upfront, I used to overpack heavily for each and every trip I took, regardless of whether I was leaving for 5 days or 2 weeks. It was a a true weakness of mine. Needless to say I did not need 70% of the stuff!

A ten day trip to Morocco in 2014 where I took 5 pieces of luggage was the turning point! I don't know what the heck I was thinking, maybe that I went for the Sex and the City movie (lol) except that I booked a riad in the old town of Marrakech where no car in the world could reach, rather one has to walk through endless narrow streets to get to your riad.
Ok, I will spare you the rest of the story ;) but it was definitely my worst exaggerated packing!

Meanwhile, today, I travel only with a carry-on and a big tote bag. No matter where I’m going and no matter if it’s for 5 days or 2 weeks. Both, practical and sustainable, not to mention if one travels by air and has to pay for every extra piece of luggage.
And if you are flying to the coastal cities of Croatia you are definitely flying with small airlines who will charge you for everything except your hand luggage.

Of course there are certain specifics you need, whether you travel for a beach holiday, or a city trip. But all in all I do not exceed my bag limit anymore.

So, here it goes:

What to pack for a beach holiday at the Adriatic Sea, or respectively what to consider packing?!

First, subdivide the occasions you are packing for. I divide my packing into following categories:

1) for the beach: 

  • 2-3 pieces swimwear
    ( at least here you can be unsparing as these items weigh the least)
  • 2 -3 pc. beach outfits
    ( light dresses or the combination of shorts-tops/skirts/tops )
  • 1 pair of beach sandals/shoes in which you can also enter the water (important, because you never know what you can step on! In Croatia there often are sea urchins, and it’s really no fun stepping on those guys and getting the spikes out!)
  • 1 cap/hat
    ( obvious reasons! Due to climate change and the rise of temperatures the heat can become unbearable especially on the head. Besides no one wants a sunburn on the head!)
  • Your favorite beach towel
    (if you know the do’s and dont’s you won’t need more than 1! The do’s and dont’s will get a separate blog post - stay tuned!)
2) for going out/ nights
  • 2-3 outfits ( you chose what to combine, after all you know for what you are going to be dressed up. A city stroll and a dinner or clubbing requires specifics of course!

3) For an exploration tour or city trip
  • you can use items from 1) and 2)
(think practically!)

4) the Personal
  • underwear (you know best)
  • Sleepwear - 1 pc. If at all

5) for the cold 

(there is no cold, but if it rains at night, or you gotta go to the airport early in the morning, it is possible to get fresh)

  • 1 piece (a sweatshirt or a light jacket will do the job!)
6) Shoes
    • as mentioned above you’ll need the beach sandals
    • Sandals to go out
    • (Perhaps) 1 pair of trainers/sneakers
      ( only if you are planning walking a lot or working out. Otherwise too hot and useless)

    7) Bags

    • 1 bag/purse when you go out
    • 1 canvas tote bag or similar for the beach (which you can also use as a hand luggage)

    What you definitely don’t need:

    • long pants
      (simply too hot)
    • Socks (unless you take your sneakers with you)
    • Any knit sweaters or the like

    You may not need exactly the things we listed. It depends if you are staying at a hotel or a private accommodation, if you travel by air or car or whether you need sports equipment. But you can easily adjust your packing list!


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    Here you can download our packing list! (The packing list is meant as a guide for the right clothes. All the other things like your medicine, electronics etc. is not included.)



    Have a great vacation and less struggle with your packing!

    If you also have a tip, let us know!

    With love,



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